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Meaningful jewellery

by Iza Grun

An immersive collection of symbol-rich demifine jewellery both timeless and fashion forward.

IZ4 sets out to bring a sense of effortless understated beauty with two lines ΙrootsΙ and ΙcellsΙ. Both insinuate organic patterns naturally occurring in the botanical and mineral world. ΙrootsΙ leads one to the unavoidable morphology of growth within specific rules that govern every expansive motion from trees to lightning. ΙcellsΙ draws one into the depths of the micro-universe equally paradoxical in its both chaotic and rigorous architecture.

My fondness of the unintentional aesthetic qualities in all that surrounds us living and non-living. It has always been at the core of my desire to study art and architecture, my love-affair with photography and painting.

Designing for IZ4 draws from the same obsessive thoughts. I am seduced by our minds' inescapable search for patterns and meaning, an attempt to capture a fleeting moment and a glimpse of beauty.


  Iza Grun

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